Gray Persian Lamb Reversible Coat with Greige Mink Collar

$ 840.00

So RETRO, so MODERN. This swing vest is Gray Persian "curly lamb". This is a stunning piece and the condition of the Lamb is exquisite with denim colored leather. The Lamb side has classic styling but, once reversed to the "wild side" it is a modern piece of art. It has been hand dyed and conditioned with layers of a variety of metallic dyes to create a unique finish to the leather. Depending on the light, you will see a variation of silver, gold, copper and bronze.  It has pockets on both sides and a small stand-up collar.  It has a vintage buttons for closure.  The leather has distinctive modelling and subtle markings.  The purse is a custom creation...a distinct and one of a kind made with love from Jeanne!

This garment was recreated from a vintage jacket or coat.  The linings are removed and the reversible side exposes the leather and the original markings from the tannery and the markings from the original maker of the garment.  Some markings are subtle and others form "graffiti" on the leather.  We do not add to or enhance these markings.  Every garment is "one of a kind" and have become the signature design of wildsidefurs.

The vest is $675 and the bag is $840


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